Hen Beudy Services Limited – Privacy Statement

  • Hen Beudy Services Ltd (we, us, our) requires basic personal information including names, email addresses and property addresses for the site of installation and contact in order to perform the installation and invoice customers. We may also store telephone numbers if given for communication purposes. We will require additional information for business customers including a company number and/or VAT registration number. We will be required to retain this data for each customer until the end of the contract in order to maintain our agreed services. We may retain this information after contracts have been cancelled so that if the customer returns to our services everything can be resumed promptly. This information will be deleted upon request by the customer providing the contract has expired.
    • Customer information is stored on four platforms;
      • Zoho Books – Zoho Corp.
      • Google Cloud Storage – Google LLC
      • GoNitro – Nitro Software, Inc
      • Our company computers – Hen Beudy Services Ltd
  • This personal information may be provided to employees, professional advisers and third parties involved in installation, maintenance and support of our installations and services. We will not sell your personal information. We will ensure that all third parties to whom customer personal information is made available will strictly adhere to our privacy rules and refrain from disclosing or selling customer information without customer consent.
  • We will be able to monitor broadband usage information of customers using our broadband services including current usage rates and amount of data used in a given time period. We will not have access to what that data is or it’s source. This monitoring is required to ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly.
  • Customer correspondence with the company including telephone calls and emails may be recorded. This data will be kept within the company databases for organisational and training purposes.
  • We do not collect any personal data from software or technology developed for customers. All information collected and stored by such software or technologies are the responsibility of the individual or organisation that has purchased the technology or software .
  • The company manager is also adopting the role of data protection officer (DPO) and is responsible for ensuring that customer data is appropriately handled.
  • Customers may rightfully complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if they believe that we did not properly handle personal information and data.
  • Should a customer wish to know what information we have stored about them they may make a subject access request which will be fulfilled within 30 days, we do have the right to refuse access requests. Refusal of an access request can be disputed with the ICO.
    • Subject access requests can be made;
      • By email to info@ruraltechnologies.co.uk
      • By phone to +44(0) 1874 508 202
      • By post to; Rural Technologies Wales
          Hen Beudy, Duffryn Crawnon Llangynidr, Crickhowell Powys NP8 1NU United Kindom
    • Proof or confirmation of Identity will be required when making a subject access request in order to ensure that your information is not being given without consent to an unauthorised individual or party. This will be the case for subject access requests made from methods of communication that are not registered with the company (e.g an email address or phone number that we do not have under your name). We may contact the customer when a subject access request is made to confirm the request if the circumstances are suspicious.